A Bit About Heather


"The delicate purity of fiddle, mandolin, cello, dobro and tin whistle elegantly dances with the resilient sturdiness of drums, banjo, upright bass, and acoustic guitar. Then the voice comes in, a wistful and lovely instrument. The lyrics are thoughtful, displaying a whimsical and deeply spiritual nature. That's Heather McCready..." Mario Tarradell, Music Critic, The Dallas Morning News (Aug 11, 2011)

Heather McCready is a Folk singer-songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas with an uncanny ability to calm and inspire hope in her listeners. She writes uniquely peaceful songs and sings with a refreshingly pure, gentle voice. Her music is influenced primarily by the the sounds and harmonies of the 60‘s, the fun of bluegrass and the sheer beauty of classical greats.

Since 2009, Heather has released six full-length albums: "Finally Free", "Neverland", "Give It A Day", and "Christmas, The Way I Hear It", "Bluebirdy" and "But I Say Love". Through every album, Heather continues to grow and evolve as an artist. She is known for her boundless creativity, passionate disposition, as well as her perfectionistic and hands-on approach to all aspects of production. She loves taking musical risks and believes that the art of producing good music is in details. She focuses on dynamics, simplicity and purity of sound.

In 2011, Heather was privileged to receive two full cover stories, which featured her in the "Metro" and the "Arts and Life" sections of The Dallas Morning News!  Also, Heather's CD, "Christmas the Way I Hear It", was an editor's pick and critic's choice for “Best Holiday Music” in The Dallas Morning News and CD Baby. Heather has
performed on Fox Television four times since 2010.  She also enjoyed performing on the morning television program, "Good Morning Texas" . Heather currently has airplay all over the world including the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, France, and England.

 Most recently Heather's song, "Clarity" was played on National BBC in the UK.

Heather currently lives in the Dallas, Texas area with her husband, Mark, and their two children, Marshall and Ruthie. When she is not in the studio or writing music, Heather spends time with her kids and photographs nature and the world around her. 

Heather is currently serving on the board of the Mental Health Association of Tarrant County.

And If you want to know more…Read on!
Heather is the daughter of a Christian author, minister and songwriter father whom she recalls sang to her since the day she was born. It was clear that the gift for writing music was in her blood when at age 6 Heather first attempts at writing began. Heather recalls being inspired to perform on stage after attending the phenomenal musical production of, "Singing In the Rain” in London, England. Throughout her teen years Heather was classically trained in voice by a wonderful teacher whom Heather credits for her success in vocal control. Heather continues to use the same techniques and exercises she was taught 25 years ago today.

Heather wrote her first fully produced song at age 13, which she proceeded to record in New York with arranger-producer Buryl Red. She stayed active throughout her University years in musical theater. Heather was also interested in acting and comedy, landing a small role as a ventriloquist (a little known and "embarrassing" fact) at the age of 12 in the movie, "True Stories",  with David Byrne of the Talking Heads.

During her sophomore year at Baylor University, Heather began suffering the onset of depression and anxiety disorder, which also crippled her ability to perform. She drew inward, living alone and writing music every chance she could get. Heather subsequently changed her major to the subject she found most interesting to explore - world religion. At that point Heather knew that being a singer-songwriter was her deepest passion in life. She didn't change her desires, but her career was postponed when at the early age of 19 Heather married, had her first child 3 years later and spent the next 13 years as a stay- at -home mom. For over a decade she was devoted solely to her family and fighting to regain her mental health. (For more on Heather's battle with mental health and her challenge to overcome it and fight the stigmas associated with it as a mental health advocate, see the last tab, "My Story').

With her debut album, "Finally Free", Heather McCready re-emerged triumphantly from her silence and is quickly making up for lost time!
Since 2009, Heather went on to release her four more full-length albums and speaks about mental health, it's inherrant challenges and how it has impacted her own life and family as often as she is able. 

For more on Heather's story and for Mental Health Advocacy click on the "My Story" tab.

Heather currently lives in the Dallas,Texas area with her husband, Mark, and has two college aged kids named, Marshall and Ruthie. When she is not in the studio or writing music, Heather is a deep thinker who loves spending time with her kids and has a passion for photographing nature and the world around her.
Heather has served on the board of the Mental Health Association of Tarrant County.


A Bit About Producer, Arranger, Milo Deering

Milo Deering is Heather's co-producer, arranger as well as co-writer on some songs. Milo is often pictured playing violin/fiddle, but also professionally plays guitar, mandolin, acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, dobro, banjo, tin whistle, flute, ukulele, bass, piano and most recently "took up" the cello! There are very few who can lay claim to being well versed in this many instruments but Milo Deering is one of those few. Milo began playing when he was eight years old. His parents, both self taught musicians, gave him lessons on piano, ukulele and harmonica. He played guitar in various local bands throughout his junior and high school years. Following graduation he began a study of classical guitar under Robert Guthrie at Southern Methodist University. Milo taught privately for fifteen years while learning to also play pedal steel guitar, fiddle and mandolin. Now, Milo is widely known and is a highly sought after studio musician and producer. Most recently Milo toured with Don Henley (of "The Eagles") in the US and Europe (2015/16). He has played on literally hundreds of CD's including LeAnn Rimes, Jack Ingram, Steve Holy, Trout Fishing in America and Slim Whitman. He also toured with LeAnn Rimes as her fiddle and steel guitar player for several years and has performed on the Grammy's, the Tonight Show, David Letterman, The View and The Billboard Country Awards among many others. In addition to his studio and production work, Milo is also a creative writer and working with Tom Faulkner Productions, he co-wrote and played the famous Motel 6 radio jingle (We’ll leave the light on for you!”) for which he received a Clio award. Milo currently writes for several music production companies and his original compositions and arrangements are regularly featured on National Geographic, Good Morning America, Southern Living Presents, The Simple Life, The Ricki Lake Show and Celebrity Homes, among many others.  Milo has also collaborated with his singer/songwriter wife, Rachel, in their band, Ghostown, and released the CD, Rachel Goetz & Ghostown, to much critical acclaim. Together they performed at the Kerrville Folk Festival and received the coveted invitation to perform at the South by Southwest Music Conference two consecutive years. Milo has been recognized most recently as a member of the popular trio bluegrass band, Beatlegras, and currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

Previous Band Contributors
George Anderson is Heather's played for many years and performed as Heather's upright bass player. He played upright bass on Finally Free, Neverland and Give it a Day and played in her band for many years at live shows. He attended the University of North Texas Music School, performed in the acclaimed One O’clock Lab Band and was the principal bassist in the NTSU Symphony. He was also a member of the Fort Worth Symphony and has played concerts with the Dallas Symphony. He has performed with many renowned artists including concerts with Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Marvin Hamlisch, Chuck Berry, The Coasters, The Fifth Dimension, Doc Severensen, Bob Hope, Jay Leno, Willie Nelson to name a few. As a bassist, he performed for several television specials including the ABC national broadcast of the Texas Sesquicentannial with Johnny Cash, Jimmy Dean, Freddy Fender, B. J. Thomas and the Gatlin Brothers. He also performed with Ella Fitzgerald on the Good Morning America Show and with Della Reese on Channel 13. Currently George is recognized as one of the busiest studio session bassists in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex. He has recorded numerous local and national radio and television commercials including ESPN, CNN, Coors Light, and Coke as well as playing on many local, national and international artists’ recordings. One notable accomplishment was George's work as a grammy award nominated producer, as well as writer and bassist on “To The Extreme” by Vanilla Ice. Needless to say, he has played a few gigs and is a respected veteran in the business. George was also most recently recognized as one of the other 3  band member in the popular band, Beatlegras, with Milo Deering and Dave Walser, is the leader of his own private party group, "The Signature Band" , (www.signatureband.com) and lives in Dallas, Tx. 

Sam Swank  Heather's played acoustic guitar in the band and is another brilliant player. Sam has made his living as a professional musician and guitar instructor for 25 years. He studied classical guitar with Rick Madriguera at Eastfield College and Tom Johnson at the University of North Texas. He has recorded and performed with such diverse talents as Johnny Reno, Olivia Newton-John, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Andy Timmons. Sam specializes in acoustic fingerstyle and classical playing in addition to be awesome at rock, blues, and bluegrass. It is notable to mention that Sam toured for many years with Olivia Newton and currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

John Landefeld has played cello on both of Heather's latest CD's.  He holds a Bachelor Music degree in Cello Performance from Eastman School of music, has received many high honors in the cello world among them being awarded first prize in the Fischoff Chamber Music Competition. Mr. Landefeld has taught at the Park Avenue Suzuki Studios in Rochester, New York and the Suzuki Institute of Dallas, where he served as Suzuki Cello specialist and chamber music coach for nearly ten years.  He is also cellist of the classical, crossover group, Neo Camerata with which he has had the pleasure of playing for enthusiastic audiences all across the United States as well as in Europe in countries such as Austria, France and Belgium. John is currently living in Plano, Texas, where he has a private music studio.

Brian Magnus played cello on several of Heather's CD's, tv performances and other live shows as part of the team. He graduated with his masters in cello at SMU in Dallas, Texas. (More info coming on Brian and his accomplishments! )

All of the band members have been such a wonderful gift to the music .. Each plays and intergral role in making Heather McCready's music magical!

Former Production Team

Patrick McGuire Studios in Arlington Texas
​"Finally Free" and "Neverland" were recorded and co-produced by Patrick McGuire. He is the owner and engineer of the studio where it all began. Patrick helped get Heather on her feet. He is a friend and true talent. Patrick is dedicated to his clients and is one of the most honest guys in the business! Give him a call if you are local. He will hook you up!