The Newest News. "But I Say Love" Spiritual Songs and Hymns.

I have struggled for decades with issues of faith and doubt. Despite deep frustration, even anger, I haven't been able to walk into a church service for nearly 10 years. I was hurt by people who didn't understand the physical vs spiritual battles I faced with bipolar disorder and also by God for what I think we all feel is a bit of a betrayal - not writing the truth in the sky for us all to see, heal us all, giving us all a sign we can't deny, not making it all simpler,  allowing for evil, Satan, and and so on.

But, over the years, my internal compass has started pointing me back to the place where my faith journey began. Now, I am beginning to "embrace the mystery" (But, I say Love). I sing these songs now, (which I couldn't have just a few years ago) not with assurance, but with actual faith and with deep gratitude. I am thankful for the gift of intuition, sensing, and feeling things that are True because God knew my weakness would be trust and needing proof .  After a time when He stepped back and allowed me to feel his absence, He is making Himself more tangible for me through progressively coming nearer so I can sense the difference. It is both a blessing and a curse to feel as deeply as I do. I feel overstimulated in this crazy world but also feel the energetic life force coming from a tree.  

The music flows from these depths. And the Holy Spirit within my fragile humanity still believes even when I am unable. He trusts on my behalf. And slowly but surely, like a frightened child, I am edging closer to faith's door. Not because I fear Him, but because I am learning I don't have to.  My prayer, practically on my face, a decade ago was for God to show me the truth so clearly and to please, please be so gentle with me that I would never be afraid to trust or unable to believe again.

 I wish you well on your faith journey. Don't rush. He's got you. I hope this music will comfort you as it does me. I hope "I Miss the Way" will break your heart like it does mine. And my most excited hope is that my own song, "But I Say Love"  will help you know that it's ok to not get it and that you will sigh a big sigh of release and PEACE.

Please share all of this with your friends, not for the sake of the music, but for the sake of healing and Light in the world today. 

I am proud to release a new Christian CD reminiscent of the days when my faith journey first began.

Behind the scenes of the production of "But I Say Love".

Behind the scenes of the production of "But I Say Love".

This is my adorable daughter, Ruthianne, now 18 years old. She made me so happy by joining me in the studio during her junior year of high school on this album! The three tracks with her are three of the very best!! Check out "For The Beauty of the Earth", "Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus" and "Holy Holy Holy". Our voices blended together like our spirits. I can't say enough about how proud her dad and I are of her and how wonderful she is!

This is my adorable daughter, Ruthianne, now 18 years old. She made me so happy by joining me in the studio during her junior year of high school on this album! The three tracks with her are three of the very best!! Check out "For The Beauty of the Earth", "Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus" and "Holy Holy Holy". Our voices blended together like our spirits. I can't say enough about how proud her dad and I are of her and how wonderful she is!

A sneak peak inside the hard copy of the CD. I was so excited to have the voice of my daughter on three tracks! Wait until you hear her beautifully unique voice! 

And as always, Milo Deering, is the man behind the magic!

A sneak peak inside the hard copy of the CD. I was so excited to have the voice of my daughter on three tracks! Wait until you hear her beautifully unique voice!

And as always, Milo Deering, is the man behind the magic!

Milo, with his instruments. Check out how many he played on this CD! OMG!

Milo, with his instruments. Check out how many he played on this CD! OMG!

Back cover, "But I say Love"

Back cover, "But I say Love"

News from the Past.

The Wildflower! Festival Singer /Songwriter Competition is a nationally attended, highly respected and competetive competition! This year, Heather's songs "Give it a Day" and "Clarity" are in the top 10 Finals! Heather will be there performing the songs for the judges at the Eismann Center in Richmond Texas on May 18th at 11:30 AM. Come support here there! Also,  her trio with Milo Deering and Brian Magnus (cello) will be performing on The Couryard Stage on Sunday, May 19th at 4PM! It is an awesome weekend long festival of music from all genres and packed with talent from begining to end. Buy your tickets for weekend entry and enjoy Heather's music along with countless others. Bring your friends! 
Watch my interview and performance of Neverland in two separate videos with Mario Tarradell, music critic from "The Dallas Morning News" !!!  Yesterday was a great day in the life of Heather McCready  Thanks for sharing! 

Come See Us At TCU!

Join us as we play music at the NEDA walk or the awareness of eating disorders on October 27th at TCU in Ft.Worth. See my schedule for details! Hope to see you all there!  Check out their Facebook Page! 

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Heather Made the National BBC2!

It is people who make all the difference! Thanks to a few great people, Heather McCready's music has now been heard on National Radio in the UK.  "Maybe" and "Clarity" were played on national UK  BB2 Radio in June, 2012. Thanks to radio host Brian Clough, from the "American Connection"  playing Heather's music first,  a fan named Andy who is helping spread the word, and to producer and DJ's at the BBC2,

Heather needs your help!  If the program get lots of feedback it could well encourage more radio spins!  Fans can use the CONTACT option on the page or email - 

Heather on CBS Channel 11 Evening News

 Check this out. Heather's music and message about mental illness and current violence on CBS, Channel 11 nightly news. 

Heather's on Music Scene Live!

 What a privilege to be invited to perform live with Milo Deering and speak about my music on the radio show Music Scene Live. It will air Thursday, August 9 KFYN 1420 AM, The Warrior from 3-4:00. Also, the podcast is up live at . To listen and/or downlad please click "SEGMENT ONE" (not my name but underneath it). 

Good Morning Texas Today, Dec.6

Heather, Milo and Brian are on Good Morning Texas todayDec. 6th (Thursday) between 9-10:00 AM CST performing a song from , "Christmas, The Way I Hear It". So, please set your DVR if you are local! You can help us spread the word even if you aren't about the music and the message behind it! Then come tell us what you thought on the music/ comment page. We would love tp hear from you! If you would like to read more about this please go HERE.

"Swingin' On a Star" Makes Headlines

Read all about it! 

Heather's in "Psychology Today" 2/23/2012

Heather was featured in Psychology Today in  "Struck By Living" author Julie Hersh's, blog post "Memory and ECT".  Read about Heather's inspiring battle and succes living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and treatment with ECT under the "My Story" tab. 

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Fox 4 "Good Day Dallas" Christmas Morning

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Watch Heather and the Band's on Fox Here!

Click HERE to see the Fox 4 "Good Day Dallas" performance of "Santa Claus is Comin' Down Santa Claus Lane"!  Heather and the band also enjoyed performing at the Chi Omega Christmas Market Gala! 

Heather's on TV Nov.15th!

Tune in as and my awesome band including Milo Deering, George Anderson, Sam Swank, Brian Magnus, and special guest Rocky Gribble on the banjo, and I perform music from my brand new Christmas CD, "Christmas,The Way I Hear It" next Tuesday morning, November 15th on Fox 4 "Good Day Dallas" from 8-9 AM!  
 Whew! That was a long sentence!   I will be promoting the  Chi Omega Christmas Market Event  where we will proudly be having fun performing! It will be Novemeber 16th and 17th  at the Dallas Convention Center. If you have never been to the Chi Omega Christmas Market you should really come out! No joke! It is an awesome place to do all your holiday shopping for a beautiful cause. Read about their charity HERE!

We will be playing at the Opening Gala starting at 7 PM and at First call from 9:30- 11:00 AM! Get your tickets HERE! 

Join us in all the fun and let's celebrate the beginning of the season together with music !

Please tune in and watch on Tuesday if you can! I am so excited! What should I sing? What should I wear? Fun Fun Fun.. Tell me if you watched it! I hope to hear from you:)

Here is a link to share with your friends of all the Christmas songs! Pass it on! (Please?  I will be your best friend :)



The New CD is Released November 2!

Heather's newest release and her favorite to date,  "Christmas, The Way I Hear It", Christmas Classics Re-Imagined by Heather McCready arrrives Nov.2! It is available for purchase directly from Heather for a limited time with a personalized autograpah made just  for you and or your friends! Write Elizabeth@HeatherMcCreadyMusic.Com and tell us you want to order and we will contact you shortly! it is FASTand EASY!  We take all credit cards and Paypal!  

Check Out The New CD!

Dallas Morning News Articles!

Dallas Morning News Critic, Mario Tarradell..

Dallas Morning News August 10, 2011-  Arlington singer-songwriter Heather McCready showcases her whimsical spirit - by Mario Tarradell

Dallas Morning News Columnist, Steve Blow..

Dallas Morning News Metro Cover Story August 11, 2011 -  A family’s secret has been set to music - by Steve Blow

Fact: More Die by Suicide than Homicide

Come to Heather's upcoming concert at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse where 50% of the sales from her CD will go toward the suicide prevention effort at the Mental Health Association of Tarrant County.
Also, join Heather and MHATC at the 5K run on September 1oth at the Trinity River to help them raise awareness! Hope to see you there!

July 21: IAE Magazine Review

Heather's received a lovely review from IAE Magazine!
"Heather McCready is a remarkable talent whose singing voice is the perfect mix of class and clarity. On her latest EP, Heather sings her heart out and gives us an album teeming with grace." Read the entire review at
www.IAEMagazine.Com's in their July music reviews.

Heather McCready, a "Notable Texan"

  Heather was interviewed by Matt Meinke of Notably Texan on KETR 88.9! Listen to the interview along with her songs "Scarborough Fair", "Pray It By", "Give It A Day" and "Neverland" on KETR's website. The full length interview is available here! Heather shares details about her music, her life and her support of mental health awareness. Matt is a great supporter of Heather so make sure to check out his show!

Sulpher Springs Arts Editor Features Heather

Heather McCready: A Songwriter's Sojourn
Tuesday, 08 February 2011, by Terry Mathews, News-Telegram Arts Editor

 I was thrilled to be interviewed and selected to be on the cover of the
December issue of the Texas music magazine, Buddy Magazine!

Click here to read the article.

November 17, 2010

Heather McCready and Travelin’ Girl Productions proudly announce Heather McCready’s nomination for a Hollywood Music in Media Award™ for her song “Neverland” from her Neverland album released in early 2010. “Neverland” has been recognized as a nominee in the music genre under the Americana/Roots category. The awards ceremony is set for November 18, 2010 at the Kodak Theater in the Hollywood & Highlands Center in Hollywood, CA.

“This nomination came as an absolute shock and happy surprise to me,” says McCready. “I am touched and deeply honored to be recognized as a nominee by the HMMA. It is a real privilege to have been chosen alongside the other awesome Americana/Roots nominees for this year’s award, and I can’t wait to go to Hollywood and meet them!”

Through creative lyrics “Neverland”, takes it’s listeners on a whimsical journey into an imaginary world where “never’s never true”. The song is an artistic achievement in music with it’s hypnotic melody sung in Heather’s distinctive, angelic voice coupled with beautiful harmonies. A rich rolling cello surrounds the acoustic guitar in a fantastic string arrangement written by Milo Deering.

Stay tuned for results news from the show
November 17, 2010
Heather is Performing on Fox Good Day
December 2, 2010

Don't miss Heather and the band when they perform songs from the new album, Give It A Day, during Good Day on Fox 4! Heather is schedule for Thursday, December 2 and will go on in between 8:30 and 9 a.m. , so make sure to tune in. The performance is in anticipation of the Give It A Day CD Release concert set for Thursday evening at 7 p.m at Poor David's Pub with special guest Summer Ames! For more details on the concert, visit the Shows page!

October 10, 2010

Travelin’ Girl Productions proudly announces the release of Heather McCready’s third album, Give It A Day, a musical collage of deeply emotional, captivating songs, as well as blissful, imaginative melodies. With a voice that has been described as “angelic”, “distinctively pure”, and “simply gorgeous”, McCready truly shines with arguably her best release yet. The album is lighthearted, as well as deep and moving. As McCready continues to grow in artistry, she reveals immense talent that begs to be shared with the world.

“I am incredibly excited to release Give It A Day,” says McCready. “ My co-producer, Milo Deering, and I worked long and hard on this album, pouring so much heart and passion into every aspect of its creation. It takes a dedicated team to make a great record. I am fortunate that my band members and engineer put so much of themselves into this album, resulting in what we believe is an extraordinary record.”

Give It A Day showcases McCready’s distinctive sound as a singer-songwriter with her creative blend of bluegrass, Celtic, classical and folk sounds, intelligent and thoughtful lyrics and the harmonies that are central to her music. Heather truly understands the art of making music by focusing on detail, simplicity and purity of sound. The title track on the album, one of McCready’s favorite songs, captivates listeners with its catchy tune, instilling a sense of sheer happiness and hope as her cheerful tenor fills the audience with optimism. Other notable songs include: “You Came To Me”, an endearing track about finding your soul mate with descriptive analogies; “Hold Me Tender”, a fun Irish and bluegrass love song with a modern twist; and “Freefalling”, is an engaging and mystical tale so soothing it leaves you feeling as if you are freefalling yourself with the characters in the song.

Give It A Day Album Credits:
ß Co-production, arrangement and vocals – Milo Deering and Heather McCready
ß Upright bass – George Anderson
ß Cello – John Landefeld
ß Drums and banjo – Bob Gentry
ß Guitar, fiddle, mandolin, dobro and tin whistle – Milo Deering
ß Recorded by Milo Deering at the Acoustic Kitchen in Dallas, Texas
ß Mixed and mastered by Bob Gentry at The Living Room in Tyler, Texas
ß All songs published by Travelin’ Girl Productions with the exception of “Sunshiny Day”, which was generously co-published by Universal Music publishing group and Irving Music

Media inquires can be directed to Kelly Fordham at Brynn Bagot Public Relations at 214.528.5600 or

March: "Turtle Creek News" Interview

The "Turtle Creek News" interviews Heather in their full feature Q &A, March 11, 2010, announcing the release of "Give It a Day" to Dallas, Texas.
Check back soon to read the article.


Wildflower! Festival

Heather was honored to be selected as one of the Top 20 Singer/Songwriter's in the National Competition held by the Wildflower! Festival in Richardson, Tx. She will have the privilege to perform on the BudLight stage among many nationally recognized artists. Stay tuned for more details!

BW Stevenson Award

 Heather was selected as one of the top 12 finalists in the BW Stevenson Singer-Songwriter Competition!! She will be performing tomorrow night at 8 at Poor David's Pub in Dallas, Tx. along with the other 12 very talented finalists. Each will perform 2 songs in front of the judges. You are invited to attend!! There is a $5 cover. 

Featured on HealthyPlaceTV

 Heather spoke to Healthy Place TV.Com on 2/29/2012 from webcam in her favorite room about suicide in the family and living with depression. It is a 15 minute video. Watch it.