Heather Performs Live on Channel 4

 Watch the debut of "Love takes Time" on Live TV. I had a hard time getting my breath in the first verse (leave it to Dallas to have major asthma!) but I found my breath later in the song. Hang in there and root for me! After all, it's live and the show must go on with breath or not!

Heather in The Dallas Morning News!

 "Bluebirdy" is a cool album!
- Mario Tarradell , Guide Live, Pop Culture (video) (Feb 08, 2013)
 The songs are sunny and positive with spare, melodic instrumentation."
- Mario Tarradell, Guide Live, Pop Culture (Feb 08, 2013)
 "Heather McCready makes music to calm the chaotic soul. The Arlington-based folk singer-songwriter zeroes in on lovely melodies, thoughtful lyrics and the comfort of uncluttered instrumentation. "
- Mario Tarradell, Music Critic, The Dallas Morning News (Feb 08, 2013)

Check This Out!

 I had the good fortune to be asked to an interview with Mario Tarradell, music critic of "The Dallas Morning News",  and was able to perform "Neverland"  with Milo D. for him yesterday too! (February 7th 2013) ! Watch the videos! Here is the link to the story as well. 

See Heather Sing on Good Day 10/25

Watch the performance of You'll Never Walk Alone on Fox 4 Good Day Dallas  and buy here!